Monthly Communications Strategy – Week 3

In week three of your communications strategy I recommend focusing on hostesses. They are the best friend your business can have and it’s important to show them gratitude for finding you new contacts and customers. Hostesses are THE MOST IMPORTANT people in your business. The golden rule of direct selling: treat hostesses better than you hope to be treated.


Week 3: Be Our Guest

Fight the temptation to post a quick reminder of your company’s hostess benefits or special monthly promotion and check this off your to-do list. You are looking for an emotional connection with those interested in your business, so rather than share what hostesses get for free, share what they are doing with the gifts they received.

• Choose a hostesses from the previous month to highlight. Reach out to her and tell her you’d like to share her story on Facebook or in a customer newsletter, then ask how’s she’s enjoying her free products. Take photos of the hostesses and her friends at your party or ask her to send shots of how the products are working in her life. She’ll love showcasing her new outfit, her kids enjoying the cookies she baked, or that candle on her kitchen counter. Your readers will appreciate seeing something real and more meaningful.

• Highlight how easy hosting is. If your company offers drop-shipping directly to customers share that, and if you collate customer items and deliver them yourself make sure potential hostesses know that’s a service you offer. Remind them that parties work just as well during lunch hours, on coffee breaks, or at the park than they do in living rooms. (“Laurie’s trunk show on Saturday was just what I needed. It’s finally warm enough to be outside! I declare May the month of parties in the park!)

• Consider opening your own home for hostesses’ parties and advertise open dates. I’d recommend offering this on a weekend so you can line up two or three events on the same day. Send the kids to the water park, swing by Costco for those tasty little brownie bites & you’re in business. Advertise openings at 10:00, 1:00 and 4:00. First come, first served!

• Leverage holidays and special occasions. Book a bridal shower, housewarming or special birthday party where the guest of honor acts as the host and earns free and half-off items on the gifts others are buying for her. Share that story in your marketing efforts to inspire outside-the-box thinking. Parties are fun. Highlight the good stuff.

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